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Reaching into ancient past, this podcast features some of the tape compositions, tape loop experiments, and improvisations that lit the original fires which set Taped Rugs Productions on course for the avant garde. Only a couple of these gems were ever released on actual Taped Rugs albums. Most of them are currently available for free streaming and downloading at The last two pieces in the set have never before been posted online. Over 250 Taped Rugs recording collections can be located through the link below:

1970's & 1980's Sound Experiments

March 13, 2015

1 "Orchestalled" by C. Goff III (previously unreleased, 1979)
2 "Conventional Systems" by Gordon Lyon & Goff III (previously unreleased, 1979)
3 "They Modify Each Other" by -ing (previously unreleased, 1981)
4 "Sbass Guitar" by -ing (previously unreleased, 1981)
5 "Acoustic Improvisation" by Disism (previously unreleased, 1987)
6 "Newscene At Six #3" by Goff III (from "-RE," 1979)
7 "Tape Loop Experiment" by Robert Silverman and Goff III (previously unreleased, 1981)
8 "The Stopping Point" by Something Perognathus (from Startled By Whitebread, 1987)


Since the middle 1980's, Hal McGee has been interacting with Taped Rugs Productions in a variety of ways. McGee has taken part of several Taped Rugs collaboration albums, live recordings, and live performance videos. Reciprocally, Taped Rugs artists have taken part of several of McGee's projects over the years. And most recently, C. Goff III has become a part of McGee's new Kassette Kult tape label ( To celebrate these last thirty years of interactivity, Taped Rugs here proudly presents a small collection of the many Taped Rugs recordings that feature the talents of this giant of the home recording underworld. Many more are waiting for you here:

Hal McGee On Rugs

February 4th, 2015

1 "Spanish Moss" - Hal McGee/C. Goff III (from "Taped Rugs 06 06 Tour Of The Southeast USA, Florida," 2006)
2 "Her Rubber Toe" - McGee/Goff/Bret Hart (from "Meshed Mixages," 2002)
3 "The Situation" - McGee/Brian Noring/Turkey Makes Me Sleepy (from "Aberrations Of Collaboration," 1998)
4 "Hissing Nebular Gas" - McGee/Goff (from "Verve Of The Void," 2003)
5 "Press To Record Press To Play" - (from "Taped Rugs 06 06 Tour Of The Southeast USA, Georgia Disk Two," 2006)


Taped Rugs Productions ends its 34th year of activities here and now. Featured in this podcast are a few bits from the 2014 flow of recordings, which include SEVENTEEN complete new albums, many offered for the first time in years on cassette (as well as CDR and free digital download). For a complete list of this year's and every previous year's releases, click the link below:

Wrapping 2014 In Rugs

December 16, 2014

1 "Falling Fired Frozen Flaked" - Goff III (from 1914-2014 Same Game New Targets)
2 "The Case Of The Cut Down Cut Up" - Goff III (from Have Shimmy Corrected Here)
3 "What It Means To Be Whole" – Mike LaGrega-Goff III (from Caricature Masquerade)
4 "Barbed Wire Cents" – Goff III (from The Nonfiction Of Glarmen Glamours)
5 "Irregular Groove" - Disism (from Reel Trills)
6 "Liquid Assets" - Basement Of Extra Power (from Basement Of Extra Power)
7 "Shepherd Creatures Abide With Me" -Goff III (from Spring Tiles Spring Smiles)


Riot Via Satellite

November 30, 2014

Occupying space in the state right next door to Missouri, Taped Rugs Productions is acutely aware of the activities going on in Ferguson, which are currently generating local and world controversy. Historically, frustrations with the American justice system have led to similar situations erupting in places all throughout the United States, going back at least as far as Nat Turner's Virginia Rebellion in 1831.

In 1992, Herd Of The Ether Space addressed the several days of rioting in Los Angeles which followed the trial that acquitted police officers of having used excessive force when arresting Rodney King. The piece presented here, "South Central Three Step," was recorded on May 16th, 1992, and was released by Taped Rugs on its 1992 cassette album "Riot Via Satellite." In this recording, members of HOTES (Gibson, Goff, Kaswan, Silverman) orchestrate electronic guitars, Micro Moog and Ensoniq synthesizers, cello, trombone, voices, circuit bent Casio keyboards, electronic toys, flutes, whistles, various percussion, and a variety of electronic sound effects to create the audio atmospheres which breathe life into this disturbing sound collage. The HOTES sense of Dadaism colors these soundscapes as well, as Silverman twiddles bits from Johann Strauss's "Blue Danube Waltz" over reports from the LA riots.

The entire "Riot Via Satellite" album is available for free download/stream at this link:


September 17, 2014

As the USA enters yet another military conflict in the Middle East, Taped Rugs reflects on one of the lesser-remembered such endeavors from late in the previous century...

On December 16th, 1998, US President William J. Clinton ordered a surprise attack on Iraq which the US military dubbed: "Operation Desert Fox." Over the course of four days, missiles and bombs launched from hundreds of aircrafts and sea vessels rained down on Iraq. Clinton ordered this attack on the eve preceding a scheduled vote to impeach him by the US House Of Representatives. The attack forced the representatives to delay their vote; however, several of them, and several senators as well, refused to back Clinton's deployment of military force in this instance because of its suspicious timing.

Outside of the US, only Britain joined in the attack. Russia, France, and China angrily reacted to the military action by calling for an end to the Iraq oil embargo that had been imposed by the United Nations eight years earlier and by demanding that the UN commission in charge of monitoring Iraq's compliance with post Persian Gulf War cease fire agreements be dismantled.

At least 1,400 Iraqis died in the attack; many more were injured.

The story of the music on this post, plus another half hour of sounds, is available here:

Since 1990, US military interventions in the the Middle East have led to many more deaths and injuries, overwhelming environmental and infrastructure devastation, and the considerable enrichment of US military contractors, who continue to supply huge quantities of funds to election campaigns for US politicians.


Return To The Cassette Kult

August 24, 2014

The internet has re-incarnated into a turtle with a bad temper recently here at Taped Rugs Studios. Luckily, this transformation has occurred right during the birth of some new old-fashioned cassette albums, which will live much of their lives at the pace of the 20th Century. The music is new Charles Rice Goff III -- the medium is old tape heads and capstans.

1 "Allowance For Attuning" - from the soon to be released album:
The Parallel Choirs Of Hugh Everett III
2 "Monet's Yeoman Rand" - from the just-released album:
Bare Arms On Public Streets
from the brand new cassette label:
Kassette Kult ( )

Plenty more Taped Rugs recordings (including cassette releases dating back to the 1970's) are available for curious streamers and downloaders here:


July 26, 2014

Fresh off of their performance at the Kansas City Electro Music Festival, Basement Of Extra Power offers Taped Rugs listeners right here and now a slice from their July 10th "Spots Of Spurious Rot" session. This thought-provoking riddle is entitled: "Blind Spot In Your Mind."

Basement Of Extra Power =

Synthesizers, Keyboards, Sound Samples, Loops, Effects

Electronic Basses, Acoustic Bass, Mooger Fooger, Effects

Electronic Guitar, Vocoder/Synthesizer, Tapes, Preparations, Toys, Loops, Effects

Plenty more Taped Rugs recordings are available for curious streamers and downloaders here:


Presenting a small collection of other languages as interpreted by C. Goff III on several of his 21st Century recordings. Any resemblance between these and any actual languages is strictly coincidental.

Plenty more Taped Rugs Productions are waiting for your ears here:

Other Languages

June 8th, 2014

1 Gentle Sway - from "Bacterial Culture," 2004
2 Bobbababa - from "Foraged For, Found, & Forged," 2002
3 Ine Vine Violet (Hannah Ann Agnew) - from "Acren Wacren Waney Vo," 2012
4 Breezes To Breathe (#2) - from "Breezes To Breathe," 2008
5 Modeled Flesh - from "Arduous Girdling," 2005


For several months after an automobile accident last September, a series of complications related to the crash gradually took away the voice and ability to comfortably move the right arm and shoulder of the mastermind of Taped Rugs Productions, Charles Rice Goff III. By March of this year, Goff had regained much of his lost physical powers and began to focus his energy on making a new solo album of original songs based on melodies that he had dreamed over the last few years. This creation of this album is now in progress.

To celebrate this rebirth of sorts, Taped Rugs Presents this podcast of solo song recordings that Goff has made over the years. The fourth song in this presentation, "Stay," is the first completed piece for the new album (yet unreleased to the public, of course). While "pop" is potentially the genre that many of these pieces could be grouped into, it would be highly uncharacteristic for the Warner Brothers to offer Goff a recording contract after hearing any of them. The last five pieces in this set are all based on melodies that Goff had dreamed. This method of songwriting has been a part of Goff's life since he was very young, and he regards his ability to retain the music that he dreams as a gift from the gods (and he thanks those gods for providing the world with recording technology too!).

Plenty more of Goff's and other Taped Rugs Productions are waiting for your ears here:

Crop Of The Pops

April 17, 2014

1 Top Of The World (Carpenter/Bettis) - from "33 And A Third," 1992
2 Wallpaper Shells For Deliberate Pastels - from "Shifted By Prevailing
Whim," 2011
(featuring Tapegerm Collective open loops by Arthur Loves Plastic and by
Jeremy Gluck)
3 Vast - from "Beaten & Pureed," 2005
4 Stay - unreleased, 2014
5 Time Wiggle - from "Diminutive Dispatches," 2009
(featuring vocals by Carmelita Goff)
6 Naugahyde Ding Dong - from "Pink Wooden Bodies," 2006
7 Chantey Dance In Dada Pants - from "Sweat On A Blacksmith's Apron," 2007
(featuring Tapegerm Collective open loops by Blind Mime, Dave
Fuglewicz, Ed Drury, and International Garbage Man)
8 Padukem - from "The Somnambulist," 1997


Over its 34 years, the Taped Rugs family of artists has grown quite large. This podcast features a few of these bold Carpeteers and some of the rug weaving that they have done during the first years of the 21st Century. Each of the artists included in this set has an extensive discography of his own, and most have considerable artistic families of their own as well. Taped Rugs is quite proud to be in some way associated with all of them. Many more Taped Rugs recordings that feature many more Carpeteers are waiting for you here:

The Carpeteers

March 22, 2014

1 "Said In Seance" - Chris Phinney/C.Goff III (from “Maestros Of The Magnetic Age," 2005)
2 "Phonetiquette" - Tom Sutter/Michael Paull/C. Goff III (from "Ants In My Cabana," 2004)
3 "Lovely Lady Of LEDA 25177" – C. Goff III/Darlington Pair, (from "Suite For Zero Gravity Ballet," Ecco Hollow, 2013, and from "Caricature Masquerade," Taped Rugs, 2013)
4 "Fuerte Suerte" – Federico Barabino/C. Goff III (from "'Metamorphs," 2007)
5 "Feverish Fiction" - Eric Matchett w/Goff III (from "Nest", 2006)
6 "Dia Del Cangrejo De Dali" - Justynn Tyme w/Goff III (from "Gypsy Blood," 2008)
7 "Uhura" - Bret Hart/Hal McGee/C. Goff III (from "Meshed Mixages," 2002)


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