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Presenting a small collection of other languages as interpreted by C. Goff III on several of his 21st Century recordings. Any resemblance between these and any actual languages is strictly coincidental.

Plenty more Taped Rugs Productions are waiting for your ears here:

Other Languages

June 8th, 2014

1 Gentle Sway - from "Bacterial Culture," 2004
2 Bobbababa - from "Foraged For, Found, & Forged," 2002
3 Ine Vine Violet (Hannah Ann Agnew) - from "Acren Wacren Waney Vo," 2012
4 Breezes To Breathe (#2) - from "Breezes To Breathe," 2008
5 Modeled Flesh - from "Arduous Girdling," 2005


Basted In Turkey Sauce

May 10th, 2014

Turkey Makes Me Sleepy = Mikadams, C. Goff III, Eric Matchett

Born in 1997 in Lawrence, Kansas. Met at meetings of KAW Community Radio. Released a dozen albums, plus other recordings/collections. Lots of instruments, non instruments. Lots of styles, lots of non-styles. Still alive today.

1 Edna Lena Loo/Eidolon - from "Live At Alley Cat Records" (1997)
2 Quimby Trimble KAW Radio Station ID - from "Gobbling Up The Dreams" (2001)
3 I Donut Know - from "My First Adventure Into 3-D" (1998)
4 Glutton For Your Mutton - from "Gobbling Up The Dreams" (2001)
5 Eric's Convertible - from "Six With Pix" (2005)


For several months after an automobile accident last September, a series of complications related to the crash gradually took away the voice and ability to comfortably move the right arm and shoulder of the mastermind of Taped Rugs Productions, Charles Rice Goff III. By March of this year, Goff had regained much of his lost physical powers and began to focus his energy on making a new solo album of original songs based on melodies that he had dreamed over the last few years. This creation of this album is now in progress.

To celebrate this rebirth of sorts, Taped Rugs Presents this podcast of solo song recordings that Goff has made over the years. The fourth song in this presentation, "Stay," is the first completed piece for the new album (yet unreleased to the public, of course). While "pop" is potentially the genre that many of these pieces could be grouped into, it would be highly uncharacteristic for the Warner Brothers to offer Goff a recording contract after hearing any of them. The last five pieces in this set are all based on melodies that Goff had dreamed. This method of songwriting has been a part of Goff's life since he was very young, and he regards his ability to retain the music that he dreams as a gift from the gods (and he thanks those gods for providing the world with recording technology too!).

Plenty more of Goff's and other Taped Rugs Productions are waiting for your ears here:

Crop Of The Pops

April 17, 2014

1 Top Of The World (Carpenter/Bettis) - from "33 And A Third," 1992
2 Wallpaper Shells For Deliberate Pastels - from "Shifted By Prevailing
Whim," 2011
(featuring Tapegerm Collective open loops by Arthur Loves Plastic and by
Jeremy Gluck)
3 Vast - from "Beaten & Pureed," 2005
4 Stay - unreleased, 2014
5 Time Wiggle - from "Diminutive Dispatches," 2009
(featuring vocals by Carmelita Goff)
6 Naugahyde Ding Dong - from "Pink Wooden Bodies," 2006
7 Chantey Dance In Dada Pants - from "Sweat On A Blacksmith's Apron," 2007
(featuring Tapegerm Collective open loops by Blind Mime, Dave
Fuglewicz, Ed Drury, and International Garbage Man)
8 Padukem - from "The Somnambulist," 1997


Over its 34 years, the Taped Rugs family of artists has grown quite large. This podcast features a few of these bold Carpeteers and some of the rug weaving that they have done during the first years of the 21st Century. Each of the artists included in this set has an extensive discography of his own, and most have considerable artistic families of their own as well. Taped Rugs is quite proud to be in some way associated with all of them. Many more Taped Rugs recordings that feature many more Carpeteers are waiting for you here:

The Carpeteers

March 22, 2014

1 "Said In Seance" - Chris Phinney/C.Goff III (from “Maestros Of The Magnetic Age," 2005)
2 "Phonetiquette" - Tom Sutter/Michael Paull/C. Goff III (from "Ants In My Cabana," 2004)
3 "Lovely Lady Of LEDA 25177" – C. Goff III/Darlington Pair, (from "Suite For Zero Gravity Ballet," Ecco Hollow, 2013, and from "Caricature Masquerade," Taped Rugs, 2013)
4 "Fuerte Suerte" – Federico Barabino/C. Goff III (from "'Metamorphs," 2007)
5 "Feverish Fiction" - Eric Matchett w/Goff III (from "Nest", 2006)
6 "Dia Del Cangrejo De Dali" - Justynn Tyme w/Goff III (from "Gypsy Blood," 2008)
7 "Uhura" - Bret Hart/Hal McGee/C. Goff III (from "Meshed Mixages," 2002)


A few years ago, right here on this very Podomatic channel, the entire history of Herd Of The Ether Space (1984-2001) was documented in 68 detailed chapters, each complete with audio samples and visual imagery. This history has now been permanently archived here:

Now, for the benefit of those who missed the HOTES history lesson, and for those who would like a little Ether potpourri, Taped Rugs presents this "Taste Of Ether." Many more Herd Of The Ether Space recordings are waiting for you here:
and here:

A Taste Of Ether

March 4, 2014

1 Prism Bars - from "Other Than Random Modulation," 1990
(featuring Ric E. Braden, George Gibson, C. Goff III)
2 Melted Skelter - from "Sour Notes," 1998
(featuring Robert Silverman, Debra Burger, Will Marston, Killr "Mark" Kaswan, Chris Arteberry, Brian Cogley, Steve Schaer, Dee Ann Schaer, Stuart Sands, C. Goff III)
3 Ezekiel's Brass Feet - from "Off Duty Beelzebub," 1991
(featuring Gibson, Goff, Silverman, Kaswan)
4 All Instruments Functioning Normally - from "That Blast Of Noise," 1989
(featuring Kaswan, Sands, Goff)
5 Avenue Of Impairment - from "Suggestions For Inverting Yourself," 1997
(featuring Kaswan, Sands, Goff)
6 The Last Song - from "Pruning," 1997
(featuring Zoe Kaswan, Killr Kaswan, Gibson, Silverman, Goff)


Because the Fab Four first arrived in the USA fifty years ago, television and radio stations have been flooding the airwaves with Beatles documentaries, tribute concerts, trivia contests, etc. Well, a bit longer than twenty-years-ago-today, Taped Rugs Productions started offering homages to this influential pop rock vocal combo. This little collection of recordings documents a bit of that attention. Listeners familiar with Taped Rugs can easily guess what they will be getting in this broadcast, but for those listeners who are unfamiliar, don't expect to be hearing any typical "cover songs." As always, this collection of Taped Rugs recordings has never been offered to the public in this manner before. Taped Rugs makes no claims to the rights of any original Beatles songs nor performances - this show is just for fun, folks, and we hope you dig it. Many more Taped Rugs sounds are waiting for you here:

The Beatles On Rugs

February 14, 2014

1 "Bet It Lee" - The Magic Potty Babies (from “Sacralicious," 2001)
2 "Make Up Shake Up" - C. Goff III (from "31 Days In July," 2005)
3 "Glass Onion" – Goff III, (from "Under The Influences, Vol 2, 1994)
4 "I Will" – Mikadams (from "'Uh Oh Here She Comes, 1997)
5 "Queen Beatle - Goff III (from "Whirledly", 2002)
6 "Content - Goff III (from "Whirledly," 2002)
7 "And I Love Her" - Goff III (from "Woven Interiority," 2014)


reDIScovered Disism

Disism =
Charles Rice Goff III +
Killr "Mark" Kaswan

The Disism reDIScovery series was born in 2012, after C. Goff III unearthed several cassette tapes of Disism in-studio improvisations and collages that had been recorded between 1988 and 1995. While a few brief portions of these tapes had been incorporated into Disism's official cassette releases, most of this recorded material had simply remained unheard and forgotten since its creation. To date, five volumes of the reDIScovery series have been created. There will be more. This podcast features recordings from each current volume. The full collection can be downloaded or streamed free of charge here:

February 1, 2014

1 "Knowing Listening Meaning" - from Boney Baloney, 2013, original recording 1988)
2 "Wrong With The Equipment" - from Reconstituted, 2012, original recording 1995)
3 "Back Pressure” - from DisFamiliar, 2012, original recording 1992)
4 "So Are The Laces" - from Architortuous, 2013, original recording 1993)
5 "Fa: A Note To Follow Fa" - from Finished Products In The Making, 2013, original recording 1993)


Recent Results Of Aeipathy

Taped Rugs Productions cooked up a dozen releases in 2013. Here you get three from three by CIII. LISTENERS BEWARE: The potent syrup of these challenging improvisations might put you in a stupor. If you are already in a stupor, however, the next half hour should tingle your jingle. As always, this collection of Rugs has never been shaken for the public in this manner before. Many more Taped Rugs are waiting for your ears here:

Recent Results Of Aeipathy

January 3, 2014

1 "The Potential" - Charles Rice Goff III (from The Open Fist Of Fate, 2013)
2 "Massey's Marbles" - C. Goff III (from Files For Smoother Louver Lovers, 2013)
3 "Random Orbit Swab” - C. Goff III (from Black And Decker Q Tips, 2013)


In early 1980, Charles Rice Goff III and several of his artistic associates began experimenting with making recordings on a Frippertronics-style tape loop system. The earliest of these tape loop experiments were loosely referred to as products of a project called "-ING." Goff's closest partner in tape loop experimentation was Steve Schaer, and by the end of 1982, the name "-ING" referred specifically to Goff and Schaer as a duo recording/performing act. In 1983, Goff and Schaer spent many hours performing as –ING at night clubs and parties in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, and in other Bay Area cities. Sadly, Schaer took his own life in 1998.

Others who participated in –ING recording projects included Robert Silverman, Dennis Briggs, Gordon Lyon, Jenny Josephian, Killr "Mark" Kaswan, and Vernon Lawton. While archiving -ING recordings in 2008, Goff (living in Kansas) located percussionist Vernon Lawton (living in Washington), and the two began collaborating as a new –ING for the 21st Century.

This presentation offers a tiny sampling of the many recordings produced by –ING. This collection of rarities has never before been offered to the public in this manner. Many more Taped Rugs rarities are waiting for your ears here:

-ING: The First Taped Rugs Recording/Performing Group

January 3, 2014

1 "From The First Goff/Schaer Session" - (from Earliest Minimalist Frippertronics Improvisations, 1980)
2 "Matainence" - (from Tape Loop Experiments, 1981-1982)
3 "Whirring During” - (Out Take from The Hyde Street Recordings, 1981)
4 "The Aquarium And Beyond" - (from Exquisite Orphans, 1984)
5 "-INGcantation" - (from Subcutaneous Volvulus, 2010)


A tiny, tasteful, handful of the acoustic guitar bounty within the Taped Rugs cornucopia.  As always, this collection of Taped Rugs recordings has never been offered up to the public in this manner before.  Many more Taped Rugs sounds are waiting for you here:

Rugs Woven From Acoustic Guitar Strings

October 22, 2013

1  "April Fools" - C. Goff III (out take from “Re-INGcarnation” by -ING, 2010)
2  "April 2 One" - C. Goff III (from Journee De Paris, (Uncooked Series Volume 7, 2008)
3  "Bland And Stewed" – Eric Matchett/C. Goff III (from Coo Sticky, 2003)
4  "Plectrum’s Promise" – Mike Adams/C. Goff III (from Pepper Overboard, 2003)
5  “And Me Without My Plectrum” – Disism (from Slight Return, 2012)


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